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Frocks By Frankie Dress Rentals 

Everything you need to know 

Frocks by Frankie is located in Christchurch with a store for customers to be able to try on before renting. As we know, sizing isn't how it use to be. Please read below for shipping, pick ups, try ons, drop back, damage fees and anything else you need to know.

Try ons

Due to having my beauty salon (Afterglow Beauty) and the dresses in one space, try-ons need to be pre-booked online. This is to work around my client bookings and make sure everyone has a one-on-one experience. There is a try-on tab online, please book under "Try on".

If those times don't work I will potentially be able to get you in at other times. Please contact me. $10 for try-ons for 30mins.

You are more than welcome to bring friends and family, if you are bringing a friend to try on with you please write this in the checkout notes.


The $10 is to cover my time, general wear and tear to the dresses and occasionally need to get them cleaned and steamed after try-ons due to make-up and spray tans. 

Pick ups and drop offs

Pick-ups are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays normally. If your occasion is during the week I will contact you to pick it up earlier. You will receive a confirmation email once you have put the rental through the website and another email confirming it is ready for pick up. Drop-offs are always on Monday, and times are to be emailed to you on Sunday. If you do not drop back Monday you will incur a late fee. This is because the dry cleaner is pre-booked and puts me behind for the next renter.  


Last minute rentals 

Last-minute rentals are always something I can offer right up until

4 pm on Saturday. I can have your rental ready for pick up in 30 minutes or less usually. Due to me combining both businesses in one space. I am in the salon/ store Monday-Saturday. Contact me or pop the rental through the website and I'll get it sorted that day. 

Under each dress, it says "Dates rented below" If there is no date mentioned under the dress it is currently free and not booked for any upcoming weekends. Feel free to then book through the website and at checkout write the exact date you will be wearing the dress. I will sort the rest out on my end and make contact on pick-up times. There is more info below on how renting with me works. please scroll. Thank you

Damages and fees

I hate having to give out late fees or damages fees so please work with me to avoid this. Late fees do occur if you do not drop the dress back on time which is always on Mondays. I send reminder emails and post them on social media. It is also in the terms and conditions. When you don't drop back on time you let the next renter down. Damage fees, I go out of my way to avoid giving these out if I can. If the dry cleaner can remove stains or the alterations can be made to fix a hole or tear then perfect, im happy as it can go back out for the next renter. If the dress comes back beyond repair, you are to pay the damages fee. The fee goes by how much the price of the dress was and how many times it's been rented out to make sure I'm at no loss.



Dresses are shipped out each week with tracking numbers and return bags every Monday and Tuesday and you will get an email update. Please return these the day after your occasion. If there are ever delays that I'm aware of I will notify you. Once I have shipped the dress it is out of my control how long the couriers and depot takes. If you see it is still processing at the depot after 2 days please call nzpost and arrange with them for a pick-up. Another tip is when it says out for delivery pop in the delivery you need it ASAP

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